Aga Olek

violinist | singer | songwriter


‘Through the landscapes and colours of my mind’
I see music through pictures. All the colours, shapes and lines become sounds.

I am a violinist, singer, and songwriter from Poland, currently living and working in London.

I run a solo live-looping act as Aga Olek.

My adventure with music started in early childhood. I was learning classical music under the watchful eyes of my teachers. Playing became a big part of me as I was growing and exploring the mysteries of the old and contemporary masterpieces. After graduating from the Music Academy in Katowice I was an orchestra member, chamber musician, and soloist in several formations. I kept searching for the music I’ve heard deep inside me. I was crossing the genres and experimenting, finding new colours in the musical palette.

Finally, I established my own project in 2017.

Every time I feel I need to disappear from everywhere else I take a candle and walk through the little door, into the darkness. Music is a mystic space, and I want to share that state of mind in which I find myself while playing.

I always preferred sad to happy music, but I am a traveler through different moods, touching emotions from sorrow to ecstatic, primal joy.

I am combining the sound of the classical instrument with elements of rock, pop, and every other musical spice that helps me to bring out the proper sound for each and every piece. I take myself and my violin for a journey to the unknown, where we are guests in not always familiar, but intriguing places.



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